Information Specialist Interview Questions

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“During my in person interview I was shown how to locate medical charts, and then I was tested to see if I could find charts by myself without any help.”

“All questions asked during my interview were standard interview questions. Describe your experience with...., tell us a bit about yourself.”

“When can you start was the most difficult question for me as I was currently employed, and they seemed to need staff immediately.”

“Given an un-ordered array of integers n, starting at 1 and ending at n, there is one number missing and one number duplicated. Find them.”

“How do you go about researching a potential therapy?”

“Give me a time when you disagreed with management. How did you present the issue and what was your action to persuade them that your way is the right way.”

“scenario: you have a meeting in 5 minuts with a client. The client needs a secure data transfer and online meeting capability that can add or exclude attendees depending on their need to know levels.”

“Why do you want to work at Alcon.”

“She didn't really ask questions - just told me horrible things about the job to see how I reacted.”

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