Information technology Interview Questions

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“If you had no financial obligations for six months, what would you do with all your extra money”

“There were no unexpected questions since I was considered an expert in helping organizations with enterprise-wide organizational changes. However, I received questions surrounding dealing with…”

“How would you prioritize your workload during times of high call volume?”


Jan 20, 2010

“What specific weakness would you say you have as a BMET?”

“what is the advetages of this job?”

“I was asked in a hypothetical context if the owner of the company requested that I come fix a problem on his computer immediately, while I was in the midst of another technical task, would I drop…”

“What would I do if an issue come to light with a co-worker?”

“what was your favorite color as a kid”

MBA Intern at Adobe

Jun 25, 2012

“Case question: How would you approach renewals/retention strategy?”

“What can you tell us about your experience with IIS?”

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