Infrastructure Architect Interview Questions

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“A function generates uniform random numbers? how will you use it to print all the elements of the array randomly?”

“Name a time when you made a wrong decision, why and how did you recover from it.”

“How many steps did you encounter on your way up here?”

“Was asked why my background had so much job movement?”

“All of the interviewers were very interested in how I kept current with new technologies. Unfortunately the types of technologies used in this position are not ones that someone can easily learn on…”

“I signed an NDA, which I will respect. However, be prepared for really unexpected scenario type questions. ;-)”

“How many GLBP virtual MAC Addresses can be configured per interface on a Cisco Router”

“How do you see yourself fitting in at the company.”

“Describe a typical application stack you've worked on in detail, specifically explaining details around infrastructure, high availability, load balancing, and capacity considerations.”

“We've been experiencing issues with "X"; how would you troubleshoot it and what is the fix?”

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