Infrastructure Engineer Interview Questions

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“Write a function that takes 2 arguments: a binary tree and an integer n, it should return the n-th element in the inorder traversal of the binary tree.”

“Given 2 very large numbers, each of which is so large it can only be represented as an array of integers, write a function to multiply them.”

“Write a function to compute the square root of a number without using any built-in functions.”

“If a large sequence of commits are in the main (master) branch of a git repository and only a subset are desired for a new branch, how would you create that new branch?”

“How would you check if a binary tree is balanced?”

“What are some considerations if you're storing passwords in a database?”

“What command do you use to find OSPF neighbors? Seriously?”

“I was asked a few questions about software engineering in a language I didn't know.”

“DO you InfiniBand fabrics ? Communication with IB is faster or on TCP ? Why ?”

“How many communication protocols you know for data transmission ?”

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