Innovation Interview Questions

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“What would you do if money didn't exist. Very thought provoking”

“How will you change what we have been doing previously to improve the growth results we expect?”

“What do you hope to learn and gain if offered this job?”

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“Tell me about your experience leading innovation development.”

“No surprise or difficult questions. The common questions like why did you choose Lithium?”

“Share an example of a time you knew there was a more innovative or better way to accomplish something, but instead chose not to do it that way, and why did you choose not to do it.”

“why do you want to work here”

Associate at Mindshare

May 26, 2012

“If you were a brand, how would you market yourself?”

“1. "what question I should have asked, which I did not ask, to make me hire you", 2. "You seem to be doing similar kind of work we are doing at Deloitte, what is new that you will bring to our...”

“How do you feel you can add value in innovation and moving this company forward in the marketplace?”

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