Inside Sales Associate Interview Questions

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“What positive effects will you bring to Orbtiz Worldwide after 6 months of employment and after a year of employment?”

“Why should we hire you?”

“Why did you apply for this job?”

“What would you change on our website ?”

“They ask you to sell a random object on the spot. They don't judge the inevitable word vomit but just want to see how you react when caught off guard.”

“Be prepared to detail your past experiences and explain why you have been successful in the past. I found it incredibly helpful to know about the product and its competitors. There was also an…”

“Tell me about how you may have bent the rules in the past to accomplish your goal or meet your deadline.”

“Nothing out of the ordinary, I was asked what I knew about the company, about the product, some questions about my sales background, how I had dealt with sales situations in the past.”

“Why do you want a job in sales?”

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