Inside Sales Executive Interview Questions

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“The most unexpected question for me was "What do you like to do for fun?"”

“describe one of your large deals in detail. How did you find the deal? who did you work with? What challenges did you run into?”

“Give me an example of a time that you were able to cross-sell or upsell a product or service and had success after several objections and how did you counter the objection.”

“Tell me what your responsibilities were @ x y, and z companies.”

“Tell me an experience where you had very little time to react and had to make a decision quickly?”

“Behavioral questions and scenario based. Asked situational questions and how I would manage scenarios where x, y and z happened. Many of the questions were related to how I handled situations in...”

“What would you do in a normal sales day?”

“Name a time you had to persuade a customer?”

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