Inside Sales Manager Interview Questions

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“Talk about how you have motivated your team in previous experiences?”

“When I divulged what I thought the meetings per week expectation would be, the answer came back doubled. This was completely unrealistic in terms of work hours in a day. 10-12 hour days regularly…”

“Tell me about a time when you had an issue with a fellow employee or manager and how did you resolve it?”

“What was the hardest project you encountered? How did you overcome it?”

“The questions were all about personal preferences. There were some very straight forward, standard behavioral questions at the end. Not difficult.”

“nothing was difficult, its a job mainly for college kids so no real curve balls”

“can you work without health benefits”

“They honestly did not really ask me any questions. Only the third person that interviewed me took it seriously, but the other employees just talked to me about their lives.”

“You have a customer that ordered a printer of a certain brand and model, but we don't have the printer in stock. What do you do in order to 1) not loose the sale 2) give the customer what he wants?”

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