Inside Sales Representative Interview Questions

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“How do you stay focused when you can't reach the C- level managers that you are trying to speak with on the phone?”

“If one of your customers said no to your product what would you do to convince them otherwise?”

“Why did you apply to Oracle?”

“Why are you passionate about working here”

“Where you from? What's your ethnicity? You willing to stand inside Best Buy and sell DirecTV services for 7 days a week and earn $200 as your "base"? Want to move up quickly to manager and make…”

“Did you do any research on Oracle and its products prior to applying for the job?”

“Being a call center, they make you simulate a call center call and pretend like they are the customer and you are the representative, This was the most difficult part.”

“The favorite is to name all the Executives at VMware.”

“There were no unexpected questions; only an unexpected computer assesment that is invalid and does not asses anything relevent to the job.”

“Why are you looking to leave your current position?”

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