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“What are your weak points”

Dish Installer at DISH

Jul 22, 2013

“What is your drive to keep showing up to work.”

“What is an example of a time when you needed the help of another employee?”

“Give an example of when you helped another employee and what was involved?”

“You have two ropes. Each takes exactly 60 minutes to burn. They are made of different material so even though they take the same amount of time to burn, they burn at separate rates. In addition, each…”

“How old am I and would I be willing to drive the 28' truck?”

“Can you start next week”

“What do you think you need to work on.”

“With CAT5 networking experience, how would you rate your familiarity on the following:”

“I was aked if I minded assisting in store operations when the store was short staffed. Have you ever been to a Lowes and thought it was properly staffed? I wanted to sell as they call them…”

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