Instructional Interview Questions

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“Tell me about your workflow and how you go about designing a course.”

“What do you feel makes a good or strong online course?”

“What would you do if one of your peer tutors made homophobic remarks about a fellow student?”

“what is your experience dealing with students?”

“What does SOA mean and do have experience with instructing others in that area?”

“Why I felt I was right for the job?”

“What experience do you have with online training?”

“Hardest were questions about Section 508 compliance, which I had never had to worry about before. It was mentioned in the job duties, so I did some research and squeaked by.”

“The group interview is a rather long, comprehensive meeting with a lot of different questions asked that one would normally expect during a job interview, which results in many things being covered…”

“You are on deadline, and your boss is out of town. The SME on your job tells you that, due to safety considerations, your project has to be revised. The due date is in a week. How do you handle the…”

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