Instructor Interview Questions

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“Give an example of a time that you had to confront a difficult coworker and how you resolved the situation.”

“Only question I was asked is if I had any prior dates I was required to be back in the US for like drill duty or court.”

“How many hours do I want to work?”

“How would you handle a fight in the classroom?”

“A time when I had to deal with am angry parent.”

“What inspires you to teach/train fitness-give 3 examples of how you made a difference in someone fitness goals. Why this gym over others?”

“Do you believe anything in psychology can be conclusively proved?”

“How would you address a difficult student?”

“If you see two teenageres engaging in romantic behavior and developing a relationship, what would you do? another one was, the lights go out, a child needs his medication and another child's mom...”

“Tell us a little about yourself?”

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