Instrument Technician Interview Questions

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“if you have a pump in a run of piping a dp pressure readouts coming off the piping, one 3 floors above, one in line with the pump, and one 3 levels below, which is most accurate? Will the one above…”

“why would we use a current loop in our equipment instead of a voltage loop?”

“What is the purpose of the instrument zero being at 4mA?”

“In the absence of a procedure and with no time to consult a supervisor, how would you complete an unfamiliar task?”

“Topics related to specialty in instrumentation to scenarios on "how did I handle...". Many safety related questions and topics.”

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“What is the purpose of Derivative in controller tuning and what process would you use Derivative in?”

“Review all interview questions and be prepare to talk about technical skills”

“If you have an employee that repeatedly keeps making the same mistake how do you handle the situation?”

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