Insurance Carriers interview questions

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“That's the weird part, I wasn't asked a thing!”

Intern at USAA

Jan 28, 2013

“In the second interview they gave me a situation:

If you were told one year in advance that a giant earthquake would completely break california from the mainland US, and had anyone's skills at…”

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“Jim has 42 cents and has 8 coins, and Jack has 56 cents and has 6 coins. Which has more nickels than the other?”

“Do you think you would be satisfied doing this type of work?”

“"What new policy or procedure have you had to implement at a previous job, and how did you adapt to it?"”

“Imagine you're working for Geico and we are promoting a faster way to pay online. I caller calls in to make a payment and as you try to explain the new and fast way to pay they immediately say they…”

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“What was your biggest mistake, and what did you learn from it?”

“On your last review tell me some thing you were ask to work on?”

“1. Tell me a little more about yourself.
2. Give a specific example of how you have demonstrated your ability to handle multiple priorities and deliver results. Describe the situation and the manner…”

“It was situational questions that sometimes I did not have an exact answer for like a customer service question regarding the worst customer I ever dealt with and how I handled it.”

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