Insurance Carriers interview questions

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“1. Tell me a little more about yourself.
2. Give a specific example of how you have demonstrated your ability to handle multiple priorities and deliver results. Describe the situation and the manner…”

“It was situational questions that sometimes I did not have an exact answer for like a customer service question regarding the worst customer I ever dealt with and how I handled it.”

“What is your career path?”

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“We don't really have any questions for you, is there anything more you'd like to ask us? (at panel interview)”

“What would you do if faced with a difficult situation as a business analyst? How would you handle it?”

“Describe a time you had to conform to a procedure I did not agree with?”

“Questions were focused around higher-level responses. Make sure you are incorporating all skills that are required of the positions into your skill sets as you are answering each question. If you…”

“If you had a two side scale and eight balls but one weighed less than the others, how would you figure out which ball was the light one?”

“GEICO has a 90 day review period. You cannot be more than 5 minutes late during this time or you will be terminated. Do you think you can be at work on time every morning?”

“Describe the experience when you have deal with a rude customer.”

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