Insurance Carriers interview questions

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“Do you think insurance will be a boring industry?”

“All the interview questions were very straight forward. There was nothing tricky or complicated.”

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“Talk about a process or policy you didnt agree with in your last job and what did you do to resolve that.”

“There wasn't 1 specific hard question, but definitely know what STAR method means before you go and be detailed. They ask you a lot of followup questions for every original question.”

“What do you know about the United Health Group?”

“What's difference between a technical business analyst and a systems analyst?”

“How much turnover is there in Sales Associates in their first year?”

“Did you receive my resume and cover letter I sent to you last week?”

“If you were to enter an elevator and there were 9 other people in the elevator, what would you do?”

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“There was no real questions as all these financial companies want financial advisors or sales reps because they do not cost them a cent . Free labor with no benefits! A heck of a business model…”

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