Insurance Service Representative Interview Questions

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“I was asked what I thought about a particular statement, which was read to me. The statement had something to do with a particular definition of manipulation and the fact that people can manipulate...”

“Nothing unexpected, typical what would yo do in this or that situation, tell me about a time when...”

“Can you tell me about a time when you were working in a group and there was conflict within in the group and how did you handle that situation?”

“Tell me your strengths and weeknesses with respect to service and production goals?”

“Tell me about a time when . . . Behavioral Situation Questions”

“.tell about a time you had to speak to a co-worker about...and how did you handle the situation and what was the outcome. Questions were about 15 in total.”

“What did you do when a customer was upset with their service/product? (Give a specific example)”

“Describe a time when you were criticized by your co-worker or a supervisor, what was the situation and how did you resolve it? I said I was never criticized as a matter of fact I was promoted in my...”

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