Integration Engineer Interview Questions

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“How does a substrate bias (a.k.a. back-gate bias) on a MOS transistor affect Vt?”

“I was asked if I knew what "WoW" was, meaning "windows on windows 64-bit" which is what allows 32-bit applications to work in a 64-bit environment.”

“.Transmission line theory”

“Then there are the brain teaser questions that test how well you can think outside-the-box. Here's one, how do you get 8 equally-sized pieces of a birthday cake from only 3 straight cuts?”

“How many barbers would a city of 2 million people need?”

“Layout Dependent Effects in a Transistor”

“Lots (a whole lot) of technical questions. Know your equations, concepts, etc. Was asked a couple questions like: "(*such and such event*) just happened, how do you fix this within the next 30 min so…”

“You have an employee and salary table, there are 10 employees but only 5 salaries listed. Write a left join query that will only show the employees with the salaries.”

“A question related to a technique I presented as part of my research, but of which was enough removed that I could dig myself a hole if I was not careful.”

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