Integration Test Engineer Interview Questions

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“I was asked if I knew what "WoW" was, meaning "windows on windows 64-bit" which is what allows 32-bit applications to work in a 64-bit environment.”

“Lots (a whole lot) of technical questions. Know your equations, concepts, etc. Was asked a couple questions like: "(*such and such event*) just happened, how do you fix this within the next 30 min so...”

“All questions were pretty normal for the intended position. Just that the interviewers were taken aback that I was over qualified and seemed purplexed by the whole thing knowing something wasn't...”

“We had an issue with people installing batteries upside down. How would you prevent this from happening?”

“What's a mutex? I answered it wrong. She went on to next question. I asked the answer. When she said "mutually exclusive" I said I can explain what mutually exclusive means. She said never mind and...”

“No unexpected questions. Do you like hands-on work? Tell me about your senior Design. Favorite class?”

“Have you ever mentored a junior person”

“No real surprises. All questions were subjective/personal. What is your ideal style of management? Do you prefer having several tasks at once or to work one at a time'?”

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