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“How do you change a list of words in a file from slug format to Capitalized words? (ie police_officer to Police Officer)”

“It was more how the interviewee asked me. She called my name unexpectedly in a low volume while talking to another individual and I couldn't believe she was talking to me. The person she was…”

“What would I do if an issue come to light with a co-worker?”

“Less a question and more the scenarios. Expect to be given numerous sample scenarios you must act out effectively. These scenarios will involve a customer with a specific computing need (e.g. "I need…”

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Sep 26, 2010

“General background questions”

“In a general book shop setting, can you bring the necessary spectrum of knowledge:
(a) Will you be able to engage the interest of a toddler, an eight-year-old, a teen, and their parents? The…”

“Describe your management experience and the number and type of people you managed, including the level of interaction you had with each.”

“There were no difficult questions, as it seemed they weren't interested, despite their claims that I was well informed and presented a wealth of information about my career history.”

“Why would you be beneficial to J.P. Morgan”

“Have you had a job where you had a lot of interaction with customers?”

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