Interface Interview Questions

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“Why is a good user interface good for the company?”

“What was your least favorite project in school and why?”

“Who determines user standards, you, the company, someone else?”

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“If you had a design goal that required more technical information in order for you to continue, how would you proceed?”

“There is no diffcult question. they started with core questions and it lasted for 30 minutes, then gone through each questions from jsp,struts,spring,hibernate, and web services”

“Can you sit here?”

“When can you start? It was a hard question as I'd been working on several freelance projects and needed time to finish them up. Plus was hoping to have time to prepare for the job areas where my…”

“The most observed theory in User Interface is the closest, largest elements are the most effective in design, with exception to what principal?”

“Why I had switched 5 jobs within 2 years.”

“You are creating an object and you want the ability to iterate over it using a foreach loop. What interface should your object inherit to allow this?”

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