Interior Design Interview Questions

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“How would you benefit our company ?”

“If I knew how to write specifications”

“The usual suspects”

“Why are you leaving your current position?”

“There were no real unexpected questions. It was all standard. The only thing that stuck out was what software would you be willing to learn outside of the typical AutoCAD.”

“What was the question you were asked?”

“What do I understand about the scope of the position applying for?”

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“Only question asked in our now 8 minute call was " How do you handle CONFLICT both inside the firm as well as with the clients? " THIS WAS THE OPENING QUESTION FROM A CREATIVE/ TECHNICAL FIRM? So…”

“What is one of your weaknesses?”

“The questions were very general. Such as: Have you ever dealt with someone that was difficult to work with, and how did you handle it?”

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