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“What is the chance that at least two people were born on the same day of the week if there are 3 people in the room?”

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“Make a program that writes a Binary Search Tree to a file. Now create a program that reads those files and recreates a Binary Search Tree.”

“Suppose you have 100 GB of data that you want to sort, but you only have 1 GB of memory. How would you sort this data?”

“Traverse a binary there so that the order returned is ordered from smallest to greatest.”

“Output a single linked list in reverse, in linear time and constant space, and recursively”

“You are playing a game in which four fair coins are flipped and the amount of money you receive in dollars is equal to the number of heads that appear in total. If you do not like the outcome of the…”

“n= 20
for (i=0;i<n; i--)
   print i

the question was to change or replace a only one character in for loop to print 20 times.”

“Write a function in language of your choice that takes in two strings, and returns true if they match. Constraints are as follows: String 1, the text to match to, will be alphabets and digits. String…”

“Online median.”

“What is the angle between the two arms of the clock at 2:40?”

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