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“What is the smallest number divisible by 225 that consists of all 1s and 0s?”

“How would you test a blender?”

“Given a list of "threads", which contain 2 variables - starting and ending times - implement a function that will return all running threads at some time t. Optimize it.
(faster than O(n) )”

“Say you have a single-column table of entries of variable size. Implement this table to also contain methods to lengthen one cell, cut a cell shorter, and to return which cell we're pointing at if…”

“Write a program to find (x^y) % z”

“Implement integer division without using / or %. Questions about running time. Can you do it faster?”

“Given two nodes that are in a binary search tree (this is guaranteed) find the shortest traversal path between them.”

“how would you design how a cellphone implements its contact list when you press a certain letter.

For example, If you press M it will tell you all the names starting with M. then if you press MI…”

“Linked list memory management: deleting a node from the middle of a list was easy. Next question - how to delete a node from the end of a list. Was too tired to think and realize this was a trick…”

“1) Tow coins, P(head)=1/3, P(tail)=2/3, design a way to get the effect of fair coin”

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