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“1) Tow coins, P(head)=1/3, P(tail)=2/3, design a way to get the effect of fair coin”

“Write an algorithm that does an in-order traversal of a tree recursively. Now, write the same algorithm iteratively.”

“Possible anagrams of a string ...”

Intern at Yahoo

Mar 31, 2009

“Write a function given x, the function returns the xth number in the Fibonacci sequence.”

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“If you have a refrigerator in an isolated room (no heat in or out) and left the door to the refrigerator open, what would happen to the temperature to the room? Would it go up, down or say the same?”

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“Given an array of integers, all but one of which appears an even number of times, find the one integer which appears an odd number of times. Upon completion, asked to improve the algorithm in terms…”

“What the probability of getting 2 consecutive heads in a total of N tosses (I found this one pretty hard and I didn't figure out the right answer at the time.)”

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“Given an unsorted array, extract the max and min value using the least number of comparison.”

“Can you think of an example of a scenario where you would want to use a tree with more degrees of branching than a binary tree?”

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