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Apr 13, 2014

Interview Question for KCIT Technical Apprentice at Cerner:

“As I had no real experience yet in the field, all of the STAR questions were difficult, so I had to relate them to my school experiences”

Apr 9, 2014

Interview Question for Software Development Intern at Insperity:

“What is the proof that you only have written this code??”

Mar 27, 2014

Interview Question for IT Intern at EP Energy:

“What do you do other than technology reading? How do you communicate with people?”

Mar 18, 2014

Interview Question for Student Engineer at Port of Los Angeles:

“None of the questions asked would make you flinch.”

Mar 10, 2014

Interview Question for Technology Intern at Halliburton:

“time complexity for finding an element in binary search tree.”

Feb 28, 2014

Interview Question for Corporate Finance Summer Analyst at Deloitte LLP:

“How would you value X company? Calculate FCF, working capital, enterprise value, etc. Does anything strike you as odd about these financial statements? Which? Why?”

Jan 23, 2014

Interview Question for Intern at Kohl's:

“My most difficult question came when they asked me to describe a time that I had failed and what I learned from it - not because I'd never failed, but because I hadn't had anything major that I'd…”

Jan 2, 2014

Interview Question for Hardware Engineer at Qualcomm:

“Assume a directory tree with each child represent a directory inside the root directory, Write a program to calculate the total disk space for the root directory. Assume what ever you want.”

Dec 9, 2013

Interview Question for Electrical Engineer Intern at Southern California Edison:

“If there was a cyber-attack that completely disrupted the power system, what component(s) do you think that the hackers would try to control or disable?”

Nov 15, 2013

Interview Question for Digital Products Intern at HBO:

“What's your favorite HBO show?”

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