Intern Software Development Engineer In Test Interview Questions

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“You have a building with 100 stories. You also have two glass balls. You can drop the glass balls as many times as you want before they break. How can you find the floor at which they start breaking...”

“How would you test this plastic, compostable knife?”

“You have two results from a database query. Check if they return the same thing.”

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“Design a test for ______”

“There was a question about delimiters that was tough.”

“Given an eBay type service with multiple front-end applications, user information is being truncated when sent back to the user (Name was 'Andrew' but shows 'And'). Discuss your strategy on debugging...”

“The most unexpected interview was when I was supposed to interview my interviewer during lunch. While not entirely difficult, it was totally unexpected.”

“I would rather not disclose any interview questions. I will say that half the questions I got were very personalized, while the other half are similar to the ones you can find online... Know your...”

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“Given a string, I was asked to return all of the unique characters in the order of the original string.”

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