Internal Audit Manager Interview Questions

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“Can you give an example of a risk assessment that you helped create?”

“Explain some specific findings for previous audits performed (with detail).”

“Tell me more about "X" on your resume.”

“Have you ever fired someone, and what were the circumstances that led to the dismissal? How did you feel?”

“There were no difficult questions. If you know your resume and are truthful with your experiences, then you'll be fine.”

“Be prepared with assessing your responses to the typical behavioral/STAR question and answer format; both recruiter and hiring manager worked through a set list of questions.”

“Nothing unexpected or difficult, similar experience to others who have written reviews on Glassdoor - situational questions where they expect STAR responses. Your standard strength/weakness type…”

“names of IT systems used in various LOBs”

“Don't remember, but everything has changed now that the company has been bought by Wellpoint.”

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