Internal Interview Questions

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“Human Resouce Recuriter wanted to know why I declined to provide my Social Security Number on the on-line employment application.”

“Nothing of this category. All were straight ahead "tell me about your experience" kinds of questions. It was up to you to sell yourself. The openended nature of the questions allowed you lots of…”

“Interview kept asking for validation of information already provided in resume and on-line application. It was very irritating to provide the same information in oral form. I had the distinct…”

“What is Internal Audit?”

“Tell us about a project you undertook, academic or professioal, and describe the planning, execution, and assessment phases.”

“what did you expect the salary?”

“Tell me about yourself. I can't really remember any other specific questions as it was very conversational, it flowed naturally.”

“How did you go about preparing for this interview?”

“Can you give an example of a risk assessment that you helped create?”

“When was a time you worked in a group and weren't succesful”

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