Internal Interview Questions

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“What kind of hours would you work?”

“What do you know about Franklin Templeton?”

“How and why are you qualified for this position?”

“which class do you think most difficult for you”

“"What if you were asked to implement a way to connect everything to everything, how would you do it?" (Essentially an Internet of Things question - something at the very top of the Gartner "Hype…”

“The most unexpected question was to tell them what the debit/credit is to book depreciation.”

“We have two types of position: rotation and stable position. In rotation position, you need to work in several locations with different teams, while for stable position you just stay in one office…”

“Why are you interested in the transportation industry?”

“You're overqualified; why would you want this job?”

“What sports do you play? Not relevant at all.”

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