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International development Interview Questions

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“How would you handle a franchisee who did not want to follow an idea or suggestion you created?”

“Behavioral: what is the similarity between a milk carton and a plane seat”

Analyst at Deloitte

Apr 27, 2010

“If you get a 20% raise after your first year and now make $80K, how much did you make your first year?”

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“A company has acquired many other companies resulting in multiple transaction and report generating systems and technologies within the main company resulting in a $10 million maintenance bill. As a…”

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“was offered the same position that we were in before being outsourced. There was no one on one face to face contact”

“How would you increase the interest on economical reforms in the Government of (I do not remember the name of the country, but it was one from Africa)?”

“What is your favorite Icecream”

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“Write a method to reverse the order of words in a string. e.g.: "This is a string" -> "string a is This"”

Associate at Deloitte

Feb 22, 2012

“What are the different ways to value a business?”

“Do you know what an example of a control is?”

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