International Marketing Manager Interview Questions

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“Everything they ask is really straight forward. Name a product that you think is marketed well. Name a product that you think is marketed poorly.”

“What product do you most admire and why?”

“How many car batteries are sold in the U.S. every year?”

“Because it was between me and one other candidate, my last phone interviewer asked me lots of scenario questions (what kind of campaign would you create if this type of client approached you for a...”

“How does C and Java deal with memory? (malloc/garbage collecting) Write pseudocode for reading in a string mathematical operation (2 + 3 * 6 for example) and calculating it, returning a numeric...”

“They placed a lot of emphasis on job titles and not actually the description of work done and completed. A job title is just that. It's a job title.”

“Tell me how you would work with smaller financial services firms from different cultures around the globe”

“How would you motivate a team that is very unmotivated and is not incented to sell your products?”

“What was the biggest challenge you've faced as a project manager?”

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