Internet Sales Interview Questions

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“Explain my sales style”

“What made you choose what you wore today?”

“What was a time you had to admit fault for something you advised.”

“What is your theme song?”

“Would I be willing to do Online video's as responses to customer inquiries.”

“What would you change in the first 90 days?”

“Is it ok to check reference with previous employer?”

“I was told they were not going to do a regular interview - because they did not want scripted answers to their scripted questions. It was one of the strangest, non professional interviews I have ever…”

“Name the addresses of all your past living quarters for the last 5 years. Seriously, all the other questions were pretty damn easy, the regulars really, that was simply the toughest one because in…”

“how much money did you make at your last job? .”

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