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“Flip a coin until either HHT or HTT appears. Is one more likely to appear first? If so, which one and with what probability?”

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“You have 100 marbles, 50 are blue, 50 are red. You want to distribute them between two drawers, in such a way that none is left outside and no drawer is left empty.
After distributing them you are…”

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“How many digits are there in 2^50?”

“We each flip three fair coins. I offer to pay you $1 if we do not get the same amount of heads, if you agree to pay me $2 if we do (get the same amount of heads). Will you agree to play this game?”

“You have two decks of cards, one normal 52-card deck and one 104-card deck with double every card. Is one deck better than the other if you wanted to get two black cards in a row?”

“What is your favorite financial statement and why.”

“How would you count the number of words in a string consisting of uneven number of spaces between words( not dictionary words)? With and without library functions.”

“What is the angle between hour hand and minute hand at 3.15?”

“What would you name this function and how would you optimize it?”

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