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“If you had to do karaoke to one song in the world, what would it be?”

“If you have three baskets one with apples, one with oranges, and one with both. If all of the baskets are incorrectly labeled, and you can pick one piece of fruit out of one of the baskets, how can...”

“What is the difference between a Class in C and an Object in C++?”

“What is the difference between a signed and unsigned integer variable type?”

“Throw a fair coin as many times as you need, compare the probability of getting the sequence HHT with the probability of getting the sequence HTH. Which is higher?”

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“Suppose that you have a fair coin. You start with $0. You win 1$ each time you get a head and loose $1 each time you get tails. Calculate the probability of getting $2 without getting below $0 at any...”

“Given an array of positive and negative numbers, give an algorithm that would find the sequence of numbers that give the largest sum. The numbers have to be in sequential order.”

“A lillypad doubles in size everyday, on the 24th day it is at half size. How long does it take to get to full size?”

“A survey is given to all passengers on a number of different planes. The survey asks each person how full their plane was. The people answer honestly. If 50% of people claim that their plane was...”

“In accounting, what would you do if you bought a car with cash?”

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