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“Given two arrays one with expected numbers and other with actual numbers determine which number is missing in the actual array”

“The Survey was really easy...”

“How many simulations would it take to get an accuracy of less than or equal to 1%”

“Problem: Array of 100 integers between 0 and 100. One integer is doubled, find out which. Question: Which methods exist and how do they compare?”

“where do you see yourself in 5 yrs”

“Where do you see yourself in the organization in 5 years”

“The most unexpected question was what are five ways you can tell that a fridge light is on while the door is shut.”

Internship at PwC

Nov 25, 2013

“Why accounting? Why Tax? Why Pwc? Give examples of how you managed extensive course load/job/ school at once.”

“Do you have any question for me? (Be honest, I didn't expect I had 15 minutes left to ask questions)”

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