Internship Interview Questions

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“What do you want to do in the future? What do you see yourself doing in the future?”

“How many streetlamps exist in the whole US? you can only use your computer”

“What duties did you have at your last job?”

“The interviewer asked about my coursework.”

“There were some challenging questions, but they were aimed to give you a chance to answer them very well. I didn't feel that any of the questions were difficult to answer and was able to give a solid…”

“Know who your Senator and State Representative is.”

“The market case study - BK wants to introduce a new product, the southwest chicken sandwich, to the market. Should BK introduce this product? How do you know?

During the final group interview…”

“Do you have any experience in legislature?”

“Think of a time when you had to convince someone of something you didn't believe in.”

“1. Tell us about a project you failed in and how you fixed it.
2. What will you contribute towards gulfstream?
3. What is the main reason you chose gulfstream over other companies?
4. Tell us…”

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