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“Given 5 pirates on a ship, they need to distribute a pot of gold that has 100 gold pieces inside of it. The first pirate must make a proposal of how the gold will be distributed. If he receives over…”

“Given a string like "I'm being interviewed by Amazon" implement a method that reverses the given string so that it looks like "Amazon by interviewed being I'm".”

“Given two arrays find all the points of intersection between the (i.e. equal elements) and return them in an array.”

“Name a problem you had with a supervisor or teacher. What happened and how did you overcome it?”

“How do you change a list of words in a file from slug format to Capitalized words? (ie police_officer to Police Officer)”

“Why do companies need very qualified receptions? I said to answer phones well and represent the company. .”

“If you could describe yourself in two words what would they be?”

“Its an ADC Testing Day - Every interview was like go in to the room , they asked me to go to the board , and started questioning. But it was nice experience , it was question to answer interviews…”

“how to find the closest 2 number in an array of unique positive number”

“The interviewers had little or zero knowledge of UNIX and kept asking questions specifically about Java and Tomcat. Understandably a sysadmin should know the basic fundamentals of such software…”

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