Inventory Associate Interview Questions

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“Why do you think you would be a good candidate for this job.?”

“They repeat themselves about having a criminal history which is silly since regardless of how many times they say it wouldn't disqualify a candidate, you can't help but think they'll choose a…”

“Can you work early mornings? Can you travel out of town? Do you have a car?”

“Name a time when you had to work with someone you did not get along with. What did you do?”

“Tell me about yourself”

“Are you available to work Sundays?”

“Describe a time where you had made an obligation to some one that you knew you could not keep.”

“How old am I? (Drivers have to be over 25.)”

“Where do you plan to be in the next five years?”

“Describe a situation in which you had to solve a personnel problem and exactly how you handled it.”

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