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“Design patterns questions”

“Suppose we hire you, and you and the rest of the new interns decide to go buy a cup of coffee. Each intern purchases one cup of coffee. One of the interns suggests everyone play a game. Everyone…”

Associate at Capco

Apr 25, 2010

“Let's say you have 10 bags of nails, and each nail weights 10g. You also have a scale upon which you can weigh a combination of the bags or nails from the bags once. You know that one of the bags is…”

Trader at Jane Street

Dec 15, 2011

“Let's play a game - I give you a 12 sided die and will pay you whatever the die lands on. If you are unhappy with the roll, you can choose to roll another two 6-sided dice and I wil pay you the sum…”

“What is the expected value of rolling two dice?”

“Say I take a rubber band and randomly cut it into three pieces. What's the probability that one of the pieces has length greater than 1/2 of the original circumference of the rubber band.”

“You have 2 decks of cards (each deck contains both red and black cards). One deck has twice the number of cards in the other deck with the same color ration (so one deck has 52 cards and the other…”

“Say I have a deck of 52 cards, regular deck of cards. I put a joker in the deck somewhere and shuffle it up. Now I start dealing you cards until the joker shows up. Once it shows up, I stop dealing…”

“What is the square root of .01?”

“10 lightbulbs in a row, on or off, no two adjacent lightbulbs can be on.
how many combinations can we have? you may use a piece of paper”

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