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“If you have 9 marbles and one is heavier than the other 8. How can you use only a balance beam to figure out which is the heavy one if you can only use it twice.”

“What if you could reflip 1 coin that you wanted. What would be the expected value then?”

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“You have 100 marbles, 50 are blue, 50 are red. You want to distribute them between two drawers, in such a way that none is left outside and no drawer is left empty.
After distributing them you are…”

“13 cubed”

“How many degrees are between the hour and minute hand on an analog clock when it is 5:15?”

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“Suppose you toss a fair coin 400 times. What is the probability that you get at least 220 heads? Round your answer to the nearest percent.”

“At a party everyone shakes hands, 66 hand shakes occur, how many people are at the party?”

“The price of a stock is $10 now. It has .6 prob. increasing to 12 and .4 prob. going down to 8. Interest rate is 0. What's the value of a call option with strike $10?”

“You are trying to get to Orlando, which is 800 miles away. You have 2500 apples, and you drive a truck which can hold a thousand at a time.

You have unlimited gas, can take as many trips as you'd…”

“what is the expected value of the absolute difference of the point of two 30 face dice”

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