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“The price of a stock is $10 now. It has .6 prob. increasing to 12 and .4 prob. going down to 8. Interest rate is 0. What's the value of a call option with strike $10?”

“You are trying to get to Orlando, which is 800 miles away. You have 2500 apples, and you drive a truck which can hold a thousand at a time.

You have unlimited gas, can take as many trips as you'd…”

“what is the expected value of the absolute difference of the point of two 30 face dice”

“2) A. 10 ropes, each one has one red end and one blue end. Each time, take out a red and a blue end, make them together. Repeat 10 times. The expectation of the number of loops.

B. 10 ropes, no…”

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“If you have a three gallon jug and a five gallon jug No marks on either one The goal is to fill the five gallon jug with four gallons of water How is this accomplished?”

“If i roll two dice and multiply the two outcomes, what is the probability of a perfect square?”

“I am playing a game in which I roll a die up to 3 times and pay you the number of pips on the die. You can stop after any roll. How much would you pay to play this game?”

“From (0,0,0) to (3,3,3) in 3D space how many paths are there if we move only right, forward or up?”

“Assume there is a method provided getNextperson() which gives Person objects which have comparable interface implemented, now read from a file records and sort it and give first 1000 records, write…”

“brain teaser - a 3 gallon bucket and a 5 gallon bucket. How do you get 4 gallons?”

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