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“If you have a three gallon jug and a five gallon jug No marks on either one The goal is to fill the five gallon jug with four gallons of water How is this accomplished?”

“If i roll two dice and multiply the two outcomes, what is the probability of a perfect square?”

“I am playing a game in which I roll a die up to 3 times and pay you the number of pips on the die. You can stop after any roll. How much would you pay to play this game?”

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“From (0,0,0) to (3,3,3) in 3D space how many paths are there if we move only right, forward or up?”

“Assume there is a method provided getNextperson() which gives Person objects which have comparable interface implemented, now read from a file records and sort it and give first 1000 records, write…”

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“We're playing a game of Russian Roulette. I take 2 consecutive bullets out of the 6 bullet revolver and spin the chamber. I go first and shoot the bullet at my head, which misses. I then pass the gun…”

“Given 10 cups to locate the bottle poisoned wine from a batch of normal ones, you can make any mixture of them and test your mixtures by mouses. However the density of poison in the mixture, the…”

“brain teaser - a 3 gallon bucket and a 5 gallon bucket. How do you get 4 gallons?”

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Jan 19, 2011

“What is the expected value of the max of two dice”

“2. In an urn you have red and blue balls (same number of balls in each of the two colors). You extract 3 balls what is the probability that the number of balls you have extracted is odd. Now you…”

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