Investment Banking Summer Analyst Interview Questions

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“What do you think you will be doing as an investment banker on a day-to-day basis?”

“Describe in detail a deal that you worked on at your last internship. (That led into subsequent questions about valuation, industry differences, etc.)”

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“Explain the fractional reserve banking system”

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“The hardest would have been to speak about how depreciation affects the 3 financial statements..which was really not hard at all.”

“What do you think about where our economy is heading?”

“Mostly fit. A couple technical focusing on accounting. How can a PE or financial sponsor make money if they purchase an asset for $1 and sell it for $1 in 5 years?”

“If a company were to spend $10M in cash on a piece of equipment, what would happen to the 3 financial statements at t=0 and t=1?”

“What was the biggest mistake you've ever made?”

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