Investment Counselor Interview Questions

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“Initial phone interview covered my resume and general background questions. Most difficult, was why Fisher Investments.”

“Tell me something about yourself that isn't on your resume”

“Role play: How will the current world events affect my portfolio and should I sell out due to market volatility”

“Tell me about a situation where a client was upset with the firm you worked for. How did you overcome and solve their objections/problem and did you retain them long term?”

“Examples of leadership and value add (sales) in previous jobs. Really pressed to try and get folks to say negative things, which was off-putting.”

“Describe a time when you failed at something”

“Why are you specifically a good fit for our firm based on your research about our company?”

“The exact same questions in every interview on basic skills and applicable work history. You will go on auto-pilot by the second one.”

“All very standard questions "walk me through your resume..."”

“Tell me what do you know about Fisher investments
And the role?”

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