Investments Interview Questions

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“What is the Yen trading at?”

“Previous situational questions: 'When have you been put in a situation such as..... and how did you deal with it?"”

“Would IRR be higher for a property generating high cash flow, or one generating nothing at all?”

“How do you describe you analytical skill? Good, average or bad.”

“How do you describe your personality? Out-going, normal, or the kind of ppl playing xbox at home.”

“Why do you want to work in the financial industry?”

“How would you value Facebook and Twitter and which deserves a higher valuation?”

“Most Important: Why Barclays?”

“I suppose the question that threw me off the most was the few that came from the 256 questions I answered early in the interview. They asked me why I didn't like saying I was in sales...”

“If you were me, what question would you ask you”

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