Ios Software Engineer Interview Questions

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“One question 3 of the interviewers asked me was "What was the most difficult thing you had to deal with.".”

“If you have a program that runs slow, how will you improve it to run faster?”

“Emphasis on algorithms and complexity analysis and some higher-level design. Process is perhaps more focussed on discussion of alternatives/trade-offs/complexity over necessarily nailing a "perfect…”

“Create simple app with button, edittext, activities, intents, textviews. I wouldn't write it in exact detail here since it is internal.”

“The questions weren't too technical or difficult, but I was thrown by the vagueness of "Tell me about memory management."”

“stack or a heap, which is faster?”

“How will you implement sets and the intersection operation? Complexity?”

“1. Permutations of a String.
2. Partition Problem”

“Programming exercise was good- you had 1:15 hr in XCode to write a simple iOS application with data persistence, implement a shake motion gesture, localize it into french and spanish, and ensure the…”

“The technical questions covered a wide range of areas which I appreciated. The areas included object oriented design, architecture design, problem-solving/algorithms, objective-c (blocks, view…”

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