IT Analyst Interview Questions

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“how loyal are you on a scale of 1-5
how trusting are you on a scale of 1-5
how do you make a decision
are there examples in which a person will not change their mind
what is a team”

“You have no real world experience with what this job requires. If presented with an assignment/project with real world demands and deadlines, how will you meet these needs?”

“Does java support multiple inheritance?”

“How would you go about implementing a new service for a company with 6 offices and 1000 employees?”

“What you want to do?”

“Why are man-hole covers round?”

“What is polymorphism? What is the difference of dynamic and static polymorphism?”

“There wasn't any real hard questions. It was based on the job description and very technical.”

“Do not hire smokers”

“Tell me about yourself”

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