IT Analyst Interview Questions

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“Where do you plan to be in 5 years”

“If manager said to do X and director said to do Y, both expressed that issue is important; however, you can't do both, who do you listen to?”

“Why are you the best candidate for the job?”

“Introduce your best project and how did you conquer the problems. How do you solve big volume of data from back-end. Do you know the grid system, like grid api in JQuery or AngularJS?”

“How do you work with difficult people?”

“Buy or build question”

“What project management methodology do you prefer to use?”

“How to write 21 in binary”

“Found this one a bit "touchy". The question was "What do you see as something that could interfere with traveling for work?" Felt it was a bit intrusive the way it was asked. I felt they were asking...”

“Lots of questions about problem solving where they want specific examples. Most unexpected was probably "when was a time you had to work hard to achieve something you believed in."”

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