IT Business Analyst Interview Questions

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“IT Director asked me to tell about a time I failed.”

“What is your weakness?”

“This position involves being around people that are experts and well-respected in their fields. How are you around these type of people?”

“Pretty basic interview questions for my role. How would I handle this situation or give me an example of a time when you worked on...”

“describe your experience as a business analyst”

“If manager said to do X and director said to do Y, both expressed that issue is important; however, you can't do both, who do you listen to?”

“Why are you the best candidate for the job?”

“Think of a difficult question and plan your response ahead of time. For example, have your ever implemented a project and found defects?”

“No unexpected or difficult questions since the questions were very dumbed down. Example, give us an example of how you fit our corporate culture number 1, Integrity... etc, etc...”

“How do you work with difficult people?”

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