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“Why do you want to work for Vanguard?”

IT Developer at XS

Mar 28, 2010

“How would you define classes or objects for use in building phones?”

“How did you deal with people not doing their share of work?”

“Depends on who is interviewing you, most people at Forest City don't conduct good interviews. "How do you deal with conflict" "What are you most proud of from past jobs"”

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“what is 2 phase initialization?”

“What was your favorite programming project in school?”

“The questions are very standard, just google behavioral interview questions and you will be able to find them all online. They are usually aligned with Eaton's competencies, like 'Dealing with…”

“Describe middle technologies and how they can be used to make collaborations more seamless”

“what is your role in past job”

“Not necessairly a difficult or unexpected question, but I was asked to give a pretty detailed explanation of the REST model, and how it correlates to the specific HTTP requests/responses.”

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